Requirements of membership in Masterworks Chorale:

  1. The commitment to attend and prepare for weekly Tuesday evening rehearsals from the end of August through May, plus our dress rehearsal and concert schedule.
  2. Annual dues of $210.00 ($350 for married couples, partners or two members of the same immediate family) and the purchase of your own music.
  3. Members re-audition every three years.


Support for students and young singers:

  • For undergraduate and graduate college students 30 years of age and under, annual dues are paid for by the Kaitlyn Schlegel Young Singers Fund.
  • For non-student young singers 26 years of age and under, financial assistance is available from the Kaitlyn Schlegel Young Singers Fund for full or partial payment of annual dues.
  • Singers in both categories are required to pay for their own music scores.

If you are a student or young singer and would like more information on full or partial funding of your dues, please write to, or ask a Masterworks Chorale officer or Board member at one of our rehearsals.

To learn more about the Kaitlyn Schlegel Young Singers Fund, please go to Schlegel Fund.